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There have been some really great Kindle deals on worthwhile books this last week. What did I actually buy? Somehow I managed to say no to the strong temptation to add to my collection of evangelical Amish romance novels, and I got the books below instead.

These first two are still, as of this posting, just 99 cents. Grab them both—I’ve heard good things about An Infinite Journey, and I’ve heard great things about Love into Light (written by my sister and brother-in-law’s pastor and the son-in-law of good folks at my church).

love into light infinite journey

The rest of these books I got for anything from 99 cents to three bucks this past month, thanks to the deal-watchers at Gospel e-Books. They’re all back up to $8 or $10, but this is the kind of stuff you can get cheap if you watch faithfully!

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  1. Scott Aniol

    Hey, Mark, how do you organize your Kindle books. The thing that frustrates me most about Kindle is that it doesn’t have a very robust organizational system. Suggestions?

    • Mark Ward

      Scott, I used to have my books in collections—and you can, I believe, put individual books in multiple collections. But earlier versions of the Kindle firmware didn’t allow me to display my books most-recent first and keep them in collections… Something like that. It’s been like four years. So I took my books out of collections.

      Recently I started putting some in collections again, but so far, even with 370 books (many of them free, but most of them costing me $1-$5), I really do just remember what I have. That’s one reason I use the cover view, to keep jogging my memory. As my library grows I may need to find another way, but so far this is working for me. Also, I diligently save my notes and highlights from the Kindle Highlights page in Evernote in my “Book Notes” folder, and I use a naming convention I’ve used for many years—so I can find my notes on a book very fast. I also always put the cover image in the file so it shows up in the Evernote view I like. See below:

    • Mark Ward

      It’s one reason I stick with Evernote—that and the Chrome web clipper. It’s really nice. (And it’s nice to see you around, Garrett. Hope you’re doing well.)

  2. Don Johnson

    I don’t know if you guys are aware of it, but I use a program called Calibre for managing my kindle books. You can back up all your books to your HD if you like, move them off the Kindle if you are running out of room (I have an older Kindle and have had this problem at times) and also convert books to other formats (perhaps not with purchased ones – DRM??). Anyway, thought you might like to know about it.

    Here is the link:

    And, on the post itself, interesting to see C. Ben Mitchell there. I used to correspond with him a good deal. He is quite conservative, but not quite a fundamentalist.

  3. Mark Ward

    I used Calibre years ago, Don. It may be a good solution for Scott—and I may turn to it again. But I found that it was an unnecessary layer of organization for me personally.

    • Mark Ward

      Not sure yet what this means, but I just got this notice today on my Kindle:

      Kindle Shot

  4. Scott Aniol

    Thanks. I use Evernote for my notes, too, but so far haven’t used it for any additional organization. I like the idea of adding the cover image. I’ve tried calibre, but found it cumbersome. Collections are OK, but the are limited to individual devices (or must be imported; not automatic).

    I’m simply amazed that Amazon hasn’t come up with a better organizational system yet! 🙂 I’d like something more automatic and intuitive, but maybe I’ll simply have to resort to using Evernote or Zotero.

    Thanks, all!