About Me

My name is Mark Ward. I hold a Ph.D. in New Testament Interpretation from BJU Seminary. My dissertation was entitled, Paul’s Positive Religious Affections.

I currently work for Logos as Senior Editor for Digital Content. The mission of Logos is to use technology to equip the church to grow in the light of the Bible; I contribute to that mission by writing articles for the company and doing other stuff I feel grateful to the Lord for allowing me to do.

My most recent (trade) book is Authorized: The Use and Misuse of the King James Bible, which comes “highly recommended” by D.A. Carson-and has an accompanying Faithlife documentary.

I attended Mount Calvary Baptist Church for 18 years while in Greenville, SC, and I “pastored” an outreach congregation there Sunday mornings for the last (almost) six of those years. After moving to Washington, I was something of an assistant pastor for six years—though ordained for only the last 9 months of that time—at Cornerstone Baptist Church of Anacortes. The church voted to close toward the end of the COVID era. My family now attends Emmanuel Baptist Church of Mount Vernon, WA, where we serve in various capacities.

I am also the president of the Bible Faculty Summit, a small annual colloquium for biblical scholars who hail from the same sliver of American Protestantism I do.

About the Blog

“By Faith We Understand” (why the name?) exists to glorify God by stirring up my readership—theologically thoughtful conservative Christians—to love and good works. I like to review books. I like to write about apologetics a bit, about language and the KJV a lot, about any blog-length thought that I myself want to access later. If you want a good flavor of what I like to write about, here are three posts that might do the trick:



I took the opportunity afforded by COVID to jump into something I’ve long felt I could do for the church: YouTubing. Most of the energies I used to devote to blogging—and more—are now devoted to my YouTube channel, though I have found that some content really does still belong on the blog. If you like what you read here, you may want to check me out there.