Carols from Kings

516z9a9Oe2L51eMlrFqseL Have you ever heard a boy soprano? In real life they quaver a lot, but in Britain they’re awesome—especially together. I sort of knew this from CDs I got in college, but it wasn’t until I got a DVD and saw the Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols sung by the Choir of King’s College, Cambridge that it really hit me how remarkable these young boys were—or rather, how remarkable is the centuries-long tradition in which they are participating. I’ve watched the “Carols from Kings” DVD a hundred times; it’s just unbelievable. (Their “Anthems from Kings” is also truly awesome.) And I just discovered that some diligent soul at King’s has put up almost a decade of “Carols from Kings” services on YouTube. What a beautiful soundtrack for your Christmas! So much truth rolling out in beautiful sound waves around your home, at one of the richest times of the year.

I’m partial to Tavener. Here’s my favorite of the bunch:

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