A Truly Good Deal on an Exceptionally Good Series of Books

by Jun 17, 2011Books, Theology

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The New Studies in Biblical Theology series has the equivalent of a conservative Protestant imprimatur: “Edited by D.A. Carson.” (A J.I. Packer blurb was the going imprimatur, but he became a little too profligate with it [see no. 7 here] and we had to pick a new standard.) WTS Books is now offering a really fantastic deal on the whole set and on individual volumes: 50% off if you buy 5 or more; 52% off if you buy the whole set.

The books I’ve read are both excellent: Dominion and Dynasty: A Study in Old Testament Theology was an advanced primer, you could call it, in viewing the OT through a redemptive-historical, biblical-theological lens. This is a hot topic nowadays, but it’s not a fad: people outside the Reformed tradition are recognizing that the Bible tells one story, and this is a great thing. There is an antinomian ditch on that side of the road, but right now most people I know need to hear the message of books like this—they’re in the moralistic ditch and need to come to the middle.

The other book I’ve read from the series is A Clear and Present Word: The Clarity of Scripture in a Confused World. Just last night I spoke to a prospective United Methodist clergyman who was emphasizing the ambiguities of Scripture and concluding that he would remain a “moderate” rather than go the liberal or conservative routes. I found this book to be very helpful in explaining just how sure our word of prophecy is in this postmodern world. The phrase that has really stuck with me is that though clarity in our understanding of Scripture is often “hard-won,” that does not mean it is unclear.

I also own the following and have read here and there in them:

I’m buying five more to take advantage of the 50% off deal. Take a look at the prices on those five compared to Amazon, the only other place I ever buy books, pretty much:

Amazon (used) WTS Books
God the Peacemaker 17.16 13.00
Salvation to the Ends of the Earth 13.88 13.00
Five Festal Garments 19.21 15.00
Slave of Christ 16.45 12.00
Neither Poverty Nor Riches 13.73 12.50

This is your best chance to get some good works from this set—or spring for the whole set of 26 for $293.28.

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