Evangelicals Are Top Highlighters in Kindle Books

by Jun 17, 2011Books

Evangelicals are the top highlighters of Kindle books. Five of the top ten highlighted books are Bibles or Christian books (Radical by David Platt is no. 9):


Three self-help books, one debauched fiction title (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo), and one crazy piece of conspiracy fiction (The DaVinci Code) round out the list. Evangelicals are the most readily recognizable presence on the list—they may even be the reason The DaVinci Code made it!

I wonder if evangelicals made it so high because, especially when reading Scripture, they have greater reason to want to remember what they read. People reading the three self-help books are doing the same, of course. Those books are the best bibles they have.

I’m not sure how Stieg Laarsson’s book got on here, then… Probably just because it’s so incredibly popular that a few highlights here and there times a couple million people who bought it equals a high ranking.

What an interesting world we live in.

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