Zondervan and Nelson Foisting Mistranslations of the Bible onto an Unsuspecting Public?

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It follows. If you really believe the quite common arguments from gay would-be Christians (may God truly have mercy on them), then someone is guilty of foisting harmful mistranslations of the Bible onto the public. The man named in the news item below is only following these arguments to their logical conclusion. He appears to really believe what he’s saying.

A gay man has sued Zondervan and Thomas Nelson, two Christian publishing houses, for publishing Bible translations that refer to homosexuality as a sin. The man claims that these Bible versions have caused his family to ostracize him and have given him significant “demoralization, chaos and bewilderment.”

The man charged in his lawsuit that Thomas Nelson “willfully caused me to endure acts of hate, discrimination, and loss of sleep, appetite, by structuring their New King James Bible to reflect God’s distaste of homosexuals.”

“By designing this product to promote hate and violence toward homosexuality, because such product is promoted as being the ‘authentic word of God,’ it is a design defect,” he wrote.

Of negative references to homosexuality in Zondervan’s New International Version he wrote, “This obvious coerced method of mind control and social dictatorship violates the religious [sacred] laws which prevent anyone from adding to the Biblical scriptures or from taking any words away from the text.”

The man is seeking $60 million in damages from Zondervan and $10 million from Thomas Nelson. (USA Today, 7/9/08; chicagotribune.com, 7/10/08)

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  1. James


    I can only echo the sincere plea for God to show love toward and to have mercy on this man by granting him light and understanding and conviction.

  2. hyee529

    That is way too sad to see that hapeen. However, this does confirm what the bible say about the end time condition.