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The Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library at Yale, assisted by the Jonathan Edwards Center, recently completed a high-resolution scan of the entire Edwards Collections at both Yale University and Andover Newton Theological School. To view and use the scans, click here and read the instructions carefully.

I’ve been to the Beinecke—an amazing place—and seen and touched original Edwards manuscripts. I encourage anyone looking for professional development opportunities to consider attending the Jonathan Edwards Center summer session in June. This year the topic is Edwards’ all-important Charity and Its Fruits.

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A Jot of My Thoughts on My Dissertation, a Decade On

A Jot of My Thoughts on My Dissertation, a Decade On

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Review: Small Preaching by Jonathan Pennington

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Review: Eat This Book by Eugene Peterson

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  1. Todd Jones

    Re: Beinecke
    The Irving S. Gilmore Music Library houses the Lowell Mason Papers, but the Gilmore staff sent them–and me–to the Beinecke for my time with them. A beautiful place indeed

  2. Paul

    At the link, Yale’s website has a homonym error:
    -At Beinecke Library’s main sight,
    should be
    -At Beinecke Library’s main site….


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