The Distinction Between Legal and Moral

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The god of [any given] system is the fountainhead of [its] morality. This is why Christians have an easy distinction in their minds between “legal” and “moral.” But for those who believe that there is no intelligence beyond our corporate and collective intelligence, there can ultimately be no such distinction. Right? Christians worship the God who is outside all our systems—He is transcendent—and that is why we can distinguish sins and crimes.

I thought that was really helpful. Thanks, Doug.

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Honesty and Dishonesty; Inerrancy and Errancy

Honesty and Dishonesty; Inerrancy and Errancy

An ex-evangelical acquaintance of mine recently posted a link to an academic journal article critiquing inerrantist biblical scholars. It contained this paragraph: Well, turnabout is fair play, especially with insufferably tendentious arguments. (I'm sorry: I believe...

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