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by Sep 10, 2012Culture, Piety, Theology

Today I opened the New York Times to find a little article by Notre Dame philosophy prof Gary Gutting on “What Work Is Really For.” At the beginning of his piece, I read,

We applaud people for their work ethic, judge our economy by its productivity and even honor work with a national holiday.

But there’s an underlying ambivalence: we celebrate Labor Day by not working, the Book of Genesis says work is punishment for Adam’s sin, and many of us count the days to the next vacation and see a contented retirement as the only reason for working.

This, of course, is not what the Bible says. And I pointed this out in the comment section. Many other commenters made the same point, but perhaps a few “likes” of my comment will ensure that a solid biblical refutation of the philosopher’s point will be seen toward the top of the comments list.

So, will you “like” my comment?

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