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I’ve received a lot of benefit from the works of John Frame and Vern Poythress, so when I noticed that their site design was sending out a 1996 vibe, I e-mailed their webmaster and offered my services.

The result is finally up! Check it out! There are tons of great articles and free books (a few more coming soon).

I’m particularly proud of the new logo, with appropriate thanks to Warby Parker

If you want a good, cheap website, talk to me.

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Review of a New Book: Allen Guelzo on Robert E. Lee

Review of a New Book: Allen Guelzo on Robert E. Lee

Robert E. Lee: A Life, by Allen C. Guelzo.Complicating current efforts to remove any monuments honoring Robert E. Lee, there was a genuine nobility in the man that everyone—his friends, foreign journalists, even his Northern abolitionist opponents—often recognized....

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  1. G. A. Dietrich

    Wow…that was a long time coming! The last site was…well…

    So is this your handy work Mark? I am guessing so since you accepted some accolades from Andy.

    • Mark L Ward Jr

      Yup, with a little help from Elegant Themes.

  2. Philip Larson

    Thank you for this!

  3. Jason Button

    Fantastic! The site is so much more inviting.

  4. Kim

    I don’t like it. I prefer the old format!

    • Mark L Ward Jr

      Let it never be said that I squelch minority voices unfairly on this blog!

      At least I hope yours is a minority voice. Seriously, what feature(s) do you miss?



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