I Once Was Deaf but Now I Hear

I watched the video above (can’t remember whom to HT!), and I know this is old news for many already…

I noticed that the woman’s speech did not sound like that of profoundly deaf people I’d heard; it was quite clear. I did not detect any accent or slurring at all. And she responded to the first sentence she’d ever heard, even though because of her tears she wasn’t watching the lips of the speaker. So I was a little suspicious and did some investigation.

I wound up at her blog, and her explanation satisfied me.

I post, however, because her post about hearing for the first time is full of great sermon illustrations (and is very touching to boot). Check it out.

Mark Ward

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  1. Dustin B. on March 21, 2014 at 1:51 pm

    Just came across this from the Ellen show. Tickle me touched.


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