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All the Cool People from another sector of American reality, a much bigger sector than mine, are coming to my town. Plenty of dogs and ponies will make an appearance in the show.

But I am more interested in the promised goods. I’m told that if I come, I will get motivated to succeed in making money!


Now, people are already motivated to make money; they just reach a point of equilibrium where their desire for more and their hope in that possibility is balanced out by their real-life physical energy and financial opportunity.

So, I take it, this seminar is about amping up the energy to try to upset that equilibrium and therefore stoke the desire for (and hope in) greater wealth.

But I have a question or two.

Once I get ahead, once I make that money—then what? Do they have any moth- and rust-prevention techniques? Can they ensure that thieves won’t get into my stash?

I want treasure in the one bank that is truly Too Big To Fail, the one storehouse where no disasters natural or supernatural can touch my assets.

I would also like to hear Bill Cosby, I admit.

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