That’s Why They Call it Pop

by May 31, 2011Culture, Music3 comments

Very interesting!

Does anybody in New York listen to classical music? The closest we got was Sinatra! (Or Terry Gross, I suppose.)

HT: Jason Kottke

HT: Alan Jacobs

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  1. Jean-Luc

    I guess not! There is so much music anymore though that I find it distressing (probably similar to your feel for books) that I can’t get to it all! Granted there is some I’m fine steering clear of.

    In hindsight I do feel like there is a lot I have been able to experience, and I am thankful for that.

    Recently I’ve been listening to Michael Card. ^_^

    • Mark L Ward Jr

      My pastor made a comment once that has really stuck with me (not the first time that has happened…): a lot of the debates about church music and which is appropriate make him think, “Boy, we have so much music… Do we really need more? How much time in the day is there to listen to it?”

  2. Austin Barker

    I think some of the survey results might be affected by the sampling method here. Maybe I’m profiling, but even as a frequent listener to classical music, I have never done so walking down the street with an ipod. I typically listen to classical music in my home during periods of reflection or relaxation. Walking down the street I would be more prone to be listening to Yanni, Acapella Vocal Band, something Southern Gospel, or Phillips Craig & Dean.

    Although it would have been hilarious to hear this kind of dialogue:

    “Hey man, what song you listening to?”
    “What’s that?”
    What song you listening to?
    Oh, uh, I don’t know let me check…uh, Moonlight Sonata by von Beethoven.”
    “Cool, thanks man.”