Word Biblical Commentary $400

WBC Get the entire Word Biblical Commentary and Reymond’s Systematic Theology (and a bunch of other stuff you probably already have) for $400 here.

As I always say when reposting things from Rejoice Christian Software, don’t ask me how this guy gets these prices. The WBC is $700 at Logos.

Don’t assume that you need all of these commentaries, but do some research at bestcommentaries.com and you’ll see a few specially valuable ones:

  • Wenham on Genesis (2 vols.)
  • Hartley on Leviticus
  • perhaps Bush on Ruth/Esther
  • Garrett/House on Songs/Lamentations
  • Stuart on the Minor Prophets
  • perhaps Luke
  • perhaps John
  • perhaps Dunn on Romans if you want a New Perspective commentary
  • Longenecker on Galatians
  • Bruce on 1 and 2 Thessalonians
  • O’Brien on Colossians/Philemon
  • Bauckham on 2 Peter/Jude
  • Mounce on the Pastorals
  • Lane on Hebrews

You can buy all these individually at Logos, but each of them is $50. Leaving out the perhapses, you’re looking at 12 volumes for $600. If you buy those 12 volumes in hardback (an estimated $25 a piece), you’re looking at maybe $300. So for $100 more you’re getting the entire set plus Reymond’s systematic. Not too bad.

Deal ends March 9.

Author: Mark Ward

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