The Best BJU Chapel Message I Have Ever Heard

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I have heard approximately 500 BJU chapel sermons in the last 10 years. Before that I heard about 100 each year for my four years of undergraduate training. I’m coming up on a thousand, and if you include Bible Conferences and two summer school sessions, I may be there already.

I have become somewhat of a connoisseur of BJU chapel sermons. Until recently, the top spot—the Best BJU Chapel Message Ever—went to an elder at my church who preached an excellent sermon from Acts.

But yesterday that all changed. There is a new winner, also from my church. (But this time just a deacon.)

All joking aside, you must listen to this message. It made me worship, and it communicated some incredibly important truths as answers to a very pressing question.

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Great Quote from Timothy George

Great Quote from Timothy George

Timothy George in his Galatians commentary in the NAC: The fact that this word [Abba] is given here [in Gal 4:6], and also in Rom 8:15, in both Aramaic and Greek indicates the bilingual character of early Christian worship. Throughout the history of the church various...

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  1. Wesley Barley

    I didn’t get to hear this message but I was in chapel on Monday and that was incredible. Stiekes preached on Hebrews 5:10-14. Exegetically sound, Spirit-filled, and masterfully delivered. Rankings probably depend on the person listening but that one is a front runner in my BCME (Best Chapel Message Ever) rankings. Praise the Lord for all his gifts to the church.

  2. Mark L Ward Jr

    I really wanted to go to that one but had to go to a VIP function… I plan to listen to it!

    (BTW, the deacon fact is not a joke. He truly is [or was—I can’t recall] a deacon at my church.)


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