Updated NIV Goes Live Nov 1

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News Flash: The new NIV update will be available for online reading Nov 1.

Anecdote: I learned a lesson a few years ago from one of my teachers. The ESV Study Bible had just come out, and I was as excited as the rest of the miniscule portion of the blogosphere that I happen to inhabit.

My excitement was largely justified: the ESVSB is a great resource. Beautiful, sound, massive.

But one of my seminary professors didn’t seem so excited. He wasn’t dismissive either. He was—get this—actually reading the thing! Before he recommended it or not, he wanted to read it, and read it all. Crazy! The whole Reformed blogosphere already pronounced it bless-ed! Why actually read it?

I took a lesson from that. He didn’t find much he objected to, a couple finer points of eschatology I think. But I knew I should be more like him. So, for instance, I read Republocrat before puffing (or criticizing) it. And now I hope to read this new NIV for myself.

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  1. Samuel Sutter

    thanks man – i’ll give it a shot – looking forward to your take on it.