From the New Bible Truths F, the 12th Grade BJU Press Bible Textbook Due Out in 2011

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It is helpful, even essential, to keep the storyline of Scripture in mind at all times as you read the Bible. If the Bible is about what God is doing to glorify Himself by redeeming His fallen creation, then you’d expect Scripture to point out over and over how God glorifies Himself by saving people from the power of sin. It should be no surprise that God’s standards are higher than we can possibly meet, because Scripture is not the story of man working harder and harder to achieve equality with God. Impossible standards like “Love your enemies” or even “Love your neighbor as yourself” are just reminders of how far we’ve fallen and how much divine power it’s going to take to buy us completely back from slavery to sin.

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    I really like this! How about using it as the frontispiece quote in the BTF ST? –DC


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