Pogue on Religion

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Ever since I read this line a few weeks ago from my favorite tech reviewer, David Pogue, it has struck me as the solution to the Mac vs. PC debate:

There are two kinds of people: those who value elegance, simplicity and beauty, and those who don’t. You’ll never convince either group to change their minds; it’s like a religious war.

[From NYTimes.com]

Aesthetics is for me indeed a religious category, because God made beauty and the capacity to enjoy it. (Note: I am not saying that PC users are ungodly, only not as far along in progressive sanctification! =)

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  1. Brian

    Maybe, but I must say that I like the design of my HP TouchSmartPC better than the current line of MacBooks.

  2. Mark L Ward Jr

    I almost added that I do think Vista and Windows 7 have really caught on to many of the aesthetic possibilities of Windows. And I do like your TouchSmart, Brian. Perhaps my eyes would get used to the screen after a while.

  3. Brian

    I think the screen could be improved (though I’m glad that I don’t typically notice except when I have it next to my external monitor).

    I was thinking more about the case, etc.

  4. Kevin

    I thought the Apple was the forbidden fruit, but my teachers at DBTS vehemently deny it 🙂


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