Flavel on the Christian Duty to Observe God’s Providence

My good pastor read this whole chapter from John Flavel’s The Mystery of Providence to our congregation last night. I have never heard him read something to lengthy to us; he obviously felt it was important. You’ll see why if you click! Flavel knows his Bible. It’s worth a read and some meditation.

A Great Quote from Ken Myers, OR, An Ironic Quote to Put on a Blog, I Suppose, But Hopefully It Will Lead You To Read the Book

“Our frenetic search for novelty is, says Daniel J. Boorstin, one of the signs that we demand ‘more than the world can give us.'” (p. 66)

The Fear of the Lord is the Beginning of Wisdom


Craig Bartholomew offers some insightful comments on wisdom in Proverbs:

There are no areas of life that wisdom does not reflect upon: leadership and royalty, wealth and poverty, economics and law, and justice, marriage, and developing sexuality—they are all here, reminding us that all of life is a response to God.

This is not to say that the Wisdom books assume that wisdom provides quick and easy answers to the challenges of life. Job and Ecclesiastes, in particular, witness to the complexity of finding wise ways in our broken lives. However, even in Proverbs wisdom has the nature of a quest. The call of Lady Wisdom has to be responded to, her house has to be entered, and her hospitality has to be taken; the path of wisdom has to be followed; wisdom has to be sought in an ongoing way. Indeed, the fear of Yahweh can be understood as the beginning of wisdom in two ways. On the one hand it is the foundation upon which a wise life is built. On the other hand, the fear of Yahweh is the beginning of wisdom in the sense that it is the starting point of a lifelong journey towards wisdom.

“A God for Life, and Not Just for Christmas! The Revelation of God in the Old Testament Wisdom Literature,” pages 39–57 in The Trustworthiness of God: Perspectives on the Nature of Scripture. Edited by Paul Helm and Carl Trueman (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2002), 44.

1Marks Interview Series


Some moons ago, I interviewed Dr. Robert Bell in the first of what I hoped would become a 1Marks Interview Series.

1marks.png It is now officially a series, because Dr. Robert Vincent agreed to sit with me for an hour-long interview (right click link; choose “Save Target As”) about church and personal evangelism. I have worked under Pastor Vincent in evangelism for quite a few years, because he has been the pastor in charge of evangelism (and church education) at my home church, Mount Calvary Baptist, since 1999. I have learned so much from watching him deal with kids and teens on a weekly basis; I wanted to make a way for him to share some of his careful philosophy with you.

Pastor Vincent teaches evangelism to Doctor of Ministry students at BJU; he has a Ph.D. in Church History from that same institution. I hope you will profit and the kingdom will grow as a result of this conversation.

“PV,” as he’s affectionately known among our outreach ministries, recommends a few books toward the end of the interview. Here they are (each book is a clickable link):