Review: The Passionate Preaching of Martyn Lloyd-Jones

The Passionate Preaching of Martyn Lloyd-JonesThe Passionate Preaching of Martyn Lloyd-Jones by Steven J. Lawson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Earnest, edifying, admirably brief. Doesn’t break any new ground or offer any new insight if you’ve already read Murray’s biography. But a great introduction for those unfamiliar with the Doctor.

Christian Audio provided me a free review copy of this work (no strings attached), and the reader was absolutely perfect: I’m pretty sure he imitated DMLJ’s accent, and I’ve heard the Doctor often enough that he brought me up short several times—I could almost believe I was listening to the man himself.

Born to Die: A Video Reflection on the Incarnation

I had the chance to do a little video meditation on Hebrews 2:10–18, paying special regard to its connections with the Christmas season. It’s part of a much longer series of videos featuring many other evangelical teachers—one for each week of the year. And my video is now up for free on Faithlife TV.

I’ve got two others in the series, one on Eph 5:8–14 and one on Psalm 40:1–11. You can buy the whole thing here.

Dr Mark Ward Jr on Sermon Audio

Untitled-1 copy

It took me 35 years and a terminal degree, but a sermon of mine finally made it onto

In God’s providence, I simply have not had much opportunity to preach to adult Christians (I’ve preached several hundred evangelistic messages). It was a genuine thrill to herald the Great Commandments to a precious body of believers in Edmonton, Alberta.

(By the way, I did not supply the title to this message, but it’s pretty good.)

Rob Lister’s Hermeneutical Method

listerIn the opening pages of his God Is Impassible and Impassioned: Toward a Theology of Divine Emotion, Rob Lister pretty well sums up what I try to do every time I preach:

The relevant biblical data needs to be interpreted with a conscious commitment to formulating doctrine in the context of a “hermeneutical spiral”—the interplay between a passage’s narrow and broad canonical contexts, framed by the major parameters of redemptive history.

Wise words.

Kerry McGonigal Launches Preaching Blog

BJU Homiletics professor Kerry McGonigal has just launched a new blog focused on preaching. Kerry knows his stuff, and he preaches what he preaches. (You know what I mean?) So this will be a good one. Sign up right away!

I’m honored to be the designer and hoster of the site.

If you need a website, talk to me.

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