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by Mar 29, 2013Homosexuality, Preaching, Tech, Theology

I haven’t been able to get into podcasts much; I just don’t have much opportunity to listen to stuff. But to my tech life I recently added a bluetooth headset and a (finally) working smartphone (T-Mobile no-contract $30/mo. plan and a used Craigslist phone), and podcasts have come roaring back into spare moments driving or cleaning.

I really like “Authors on the Line,” hosted by Tony Reinke, an author I’ve reviewed here. I benefited today from this interview featuring Robert Gagnon, a biblical scholar known for his work on homosexuality. With same-sex marriage before the Supreme Court, this episode was a timely and helpful and brief listen.

Below is my current list of podcasts (in a great app called Downcast, which can sync podcasts across your various iOS devices). Naturally, I don’t endorse everything everyone says on every podcast, but these are the ones that put out stuff I find helpful on ministry and cultural issues. Any other suggestions? I hear Al Mohler’s “Thinking in Public” is good. I think I’ll check that one out.





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