Ting Vs Charge for Cell Service

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I like Ting a lot. The pricing model is well conceived, and the resultant costs are low. The customer service is fantastic. The website and mobile apps function flawlessly. I never get unexpected charges. Laura and I have been on it for three years, and our average monthly bill for talk, text, and (about a gig of) data on two smartphones was $54.01 (we bought the phones separately).

Laura’s staying on Ting, but I just moved to Charge (use this referral code and we both get a free gig of data: KZ9TPB1H). Here’s why I moved: I use almost all of our monthly family allotment of data. Laura uses only a small amount. I also talk on the phone more than she does, though neither of us talk much. For Laura, paying Ting $3/mo. for 100 MB of data makes good sense. Data would be somewhat cheaper at Charge, but then she’d have to pay $20/mo. for talk and text, and she just doesn’t need to do that when it’s cheaper at Ting. Basically, my move to Charge allows me to not have to worry about how many minutes of talk I’m using each month and saves me a few bucks on data. (Oh, and I got visual voicemail back, which I really like!)

You can get cheaper service elsewhere if you have an Android phone (Republic is the best service I know of). But if you’re in the Apple ecosystem and prefer an iPhone, you want Ting or Charge.

Both services are great. I recommend both, depending on your needs.

  • Use this link to save you and me $25 at Ting.
  • Use this code to get you and me a free gig of data at Charge: KZ9TPB1H.

Mark Ward

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  1. Taigen on May 26, 2016 at 4:12 pm

    We switched to Ting in December and have enjoyed it very much. Cost is great. Coverage is good and hopefully growing. Have not missed the big V at all.

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