Home Studio Tour and Videography Kit

Updated 03/03/2021

Several friends have asked, so here’s a tour of my home video studio—which I set up for the second season of the Bible Study Magazine Podcast and for my own YouTube channel:

Updated shot of my studio (3/3/21):

And this is my current video kit:

Canon M50, body only – This is widely regarded as one of the best entry-level vlogging cameras. I’m thoroughly happy with it. Literally my only wish is that the remote could trigger manual focus.

Update (03/03/2021): The M50 is still great, but I now rock the Canon M6 Mark II, because it can shoot uncropped 4K footage. In every other respect, it’s just like the M50—and I got it used for $704. It’s only downside is a flip up screen rather than a flip-out screen. That means I can’t see the screen as well; it’s blocked by my teleprompter.

EF-M 22mm lens – I sold the kit lens and bought this (and a 55–200mm which I quite like but can’t use in the home studio). Nice bokeh. Super happy.

Update (03/03/2021): I now use the Sigma EFM 30mm. It’s been the perfect vlogging lens for my somewhat small office space. The 16mm is also nice, but not for my space. I’ll use it for some outdoor shooting.

Dummy battery for Canon M50 [and here for M6 Mark II] – What’s so awesome about this is that you can plug the USB into your computer for power or into a powerbank when you’re on the go. (I purchased my powerbank with money given to me by a KJV-Only pastor who gave me an Amazon gift card because of my spirit and tone in Authorized!)

Update (03/03/2021): I now use the Desview-T2-Teleprompter instad of the Parrot Padcaster I used to have (though I still use the Padcaster Parrot Remote), and I can lay my phone on it rather than having to squeeze the phone into a spring-loaded trap.

Video light – Sure I’d love to have the more expensive Aputure 120D every Youtuber raves about, but this is almost as good for a lot less money. I love the remote, and I never hear the fan noise that is this light’s only downside compared to the 120D.

Softbox – Essential for key light.

Stand for diffuser with a five-in-one reflector (I use the diffuser) – also essential.

RGB lights for background – These add a real nice touch, and because I find it hard in my home office to put a “hair light” above and behind me, these are doing double duty as accent lights and a hair light.

Light stands – I actually need another one…

Tripod for camera – Had this for years. Simple and inexpensive. Happy with it.

LED light for non-dominant side of face – Cheap and really long-lasting.

LumaFusion for video editing on 3rd gen iPad Pro 12.9 64GB – I absolutely love this app; it’s so much zippier than Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro.

Ecamm Live for recording video and audio directly to hard drive – also used for livestreaming and for turning my camera into a virtual camera for video conferencing on Zoom or Google Meet. I wish I had a better solution. This is expensive at $25/mo. =|

These are almost all affiliate links, but they are all items I purchased with my own money (some of which will be reimbursed by my employer).

Mark Ward

PhD in NT; theological writer for Faithlife; former high school Bible textbook author for BJU Press; husband; father; ultimate frisbee player; member of the body of Christ.

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