Manifestos Still Work

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I’m super excited about my new ESV Reader’s Bible. I’ve been reading in John, Acts, and the Psalms.

For those of you who signed my Bible Typography Manifesto, you may be interested to see the following message I received from Crossway. I asked at that time about the Single Column Heritage Bible (a beautiful and useful ESV edition in its own right), and I asked whether the manifesto had played a role in the creation of the then-upcoming Reader’s ESV:

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 13.15.59

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  1. Wesley B

    Aww..rats. I missed my chance to be famous. I knew I should have signed that manifesto.

    • Mark Ward

      I always tell my kids, “It’s never too late to sign a manifesto if you truly believe.”

  2. Wesley B

    I’m sure that both times you have said that it has been very meaningful.