Dan Quayle Was Right

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Potato may be spelled with an “e” or without one, but single parenting is not ideal for kids. Dan Quayle was right on the more important issue.

So though I’m a little late (almost a year) noticing this article (“20 years later, it turns out Dan Quayle was right about Murphy Brown and unmarried moms”), I can’t fail to post it. I see the effects of single parenting and broken families weekly.

As a dad with a stay-at-home-wife and two small children, I often think to myself, “This would be so hard to do alone.” And I’m just the dad. I sit at a desk all day.

For Belmont residents (the upper middle class to upper class), unwed childbearing and single parenting are just statistics. Worrisome, to be sure, but distant. But seriously, what happens to a society when the numbers climb higher than they are?

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“The Horse Is Dead, Sir.” “Well, Beat It Some More.”

“The Horse Is Dead, Sir.” “Well, Beat It Some More.”

Faithlife just posted a blog interview they did with me about Authorized. Is there more to be said? Maybe a little! I got my first academic review of Authorized, and though I’m waiting to see if my response will be published in the same journal (the editor was...

Review: The ESV Preaching Bible

Review: The ESV Preaching Bible

The new ESV Preaching Bible is another win for Crossway. They gave me a copy to review (no strings attached, of course—well, actually, there were two ribbons in the Bible for bookmarking, but they weren’t attached to any stipulations from Crossway, just to the supple...

I’ve Got an Article in a New Book

The new Jonathan Edwards Encyclopedia has an article in it from yours truly, namely “Love.” A few friends have credits, too, including (but not limited to) Joe Tyrpak on David Brainerd (he wrote his DMin dissertation on Brainerd); Ryan Martin; and Nathan Lentfer. I...

Introduction to the New Testament for Bibles International

I wrote the following introduction to the New Testament for Bibles International; it is being translated and placed into Bibles all around the world. The Bible tells one story, because God has one plan for all of history (Isa. 46:9–10; Gal. 4:4–6). The 27 books of the...

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