I’ve Got an Article in a New Book

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The new Jonathan Edwards Encyclopedia has an article in it from yours truly, namely “Love.”

A few friends have credits, too, including (but not limited to) Joe Tyrpak on David Brainerd (he wrote his DMin dissertation on Brainerd); Ryan Martin; and Nathan Lentfer.

I counted at least six graduates of my alma mater among the contributors. Congratulations to them. Where I’ve dipped in, the articles have been solid, and the editors are Edwards superstars. Neele and Minkema are associated with the Jonathan Edwards Center at Yale. Neele teaches at Joel Beeke’s Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary.

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  1. Grant Jones

    Mr. MW, congratulations on getting your article published. I don’t have the book that is mentioned, but you mentioned that it concerns love. Once again, I am completely flummoxed over the KJV and the recent upgrades it has gone through. Speaking of the love, why did the well-known love chapter in I Corinthians 13 recently get changed from “love” to “charity”? Now, I do agree that those words can quite often be interchangeable and mean the same thing. But with that being said, why did the KJV have to go and change a perfectly good rendering of that chapter and change all references of “love” to “charity”? And once again, all other versions stayed the same; it’s only the KJV that changed. Some of these recent changes I just don’t get.