Leithart on Milbank

[John] Milbank’s fundamental double claim: first, that if God is who Christians say he is and if he has done what Christians say he has done, then theology, the science of God, presents the “metanarrative” of history, the organizing logic of all knowledge, with the right and responsibility to intervene to correct all other sciences; and, second, that modern theology has steadily ceded its terrain to secular thought, so that instead of positioning other sciences theology has been positioned by them and rendered itself superfluous.

—Peter Leithart, review of John Milbank, The Word Made Strange: Theology, Language, Culture (Oxford: Blackwell, 1997). Published in Westminster Theological Journal 60:1 (1998), 175.

Mark Ward

PhD in NT; theological writer for Faithlife; former high school Bible textbook author for BJU Press; husband; father; ultimate frisbee player; member of the body of Christ.

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