Two Interesting Articles From Arabs on the Arab-Israeli Conflict

by Nov 12, 2012Culture

Two interesting articles on the Arab-Israeli conflict:

  1. Abdulateef Al-Mulhim, a retired commodore of the Royal Saudi Navy, argues that Arabs have invested untold billions in a fruitless conflict with Israel that has only left their own people divided, poor, and oppressed by dictators.

    The real enemies of the Arab world are corruption, lack of good education, lack of good health care, lack of freedom, lack of respect for … human lives and finally, the Arab world had many dictators who [have] used the Arab-Israeli conflict to suppress their own people.

  2. An Arab-Israeli politician who is founding a new Israeli party argues that Arabs have fared well in the Israeli democracy and that they would fare much better if they got rid of their own leaders, who use the conflict with Israel as a means to grow rich and impoverish their own people.

    Our leaders have defrauded us for 60 years. Give us a single Knesset mandate and we will do more for the people in four to five years than they have done in 60.

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