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From my good friend Brian Collins (with permission):

An interesting article by a self-described liberal who argues that the left-ward slant of the entertainment media has shaped the nation’s morals.

Two salient points:

(1) He describes the current cultural transformation: “Set aside the substance of the matter and consider the process of it—that is, think of it from the conservative point of view, if you don’t happen to be one. Imagine that large chunks of your entertainment mocked your values and even transformed once-uncontroversial beliefs of yours into a kind of bigotry that might be greeted with revulsion.”

(2) Conservatives no longer protest Hollywood. I suspect it is because they enjoy the entertainment and that it seems somewhat Fundamentalist to lecture Hollywood or avoid it. Chait also raises the market issue. Isn’t Hollywood supplying what people want? I suspect that conservatives will watch certain things that they are on paper opposed to because aspects appeal to their flesh.

Chait didn’t address the fact that movies or television that may trend in a politically conservative direction often still have elements that are morally objectionable to Christians, most often gratuitous violence.

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