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by Feb 7, 2012Tech

One of the problems with using any time-tracking software is that you actually have to tell it what you’re doing and when you start and stop. I mean, shouldn’t it just know?

Toggl Desktop has taken one step toward solving that problem for me: it lets me know if I’ve left my computer idle for an extended period of time and asks me if I want to drop that dead time from my tracking. Now, I could’ve been reading a book and just not touching the computer. But it’s still nice to have that reminder and that option. Helps me be more accurate.

Screen Shot 2012-02-07 at 1.12.05 PM.png

As my time becomes more pressed, and running as I do a (very) small business that has to give accurate estimates on how much time something will take me, I like this feature of Toggl Desktop.

Thanks, Toggl. Thanks a lot!


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