Spotify: Not Sharpest Knife in Drawer, But Close

This review was supplied by little Mikey Wood, a ten-year-old technology reviewer I have hired to do kid-appropriate reviews of new tech. Mikey is a distant cousin of Rodney Trotter, of Reformation 21 fame.

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I like Spotify. It is good.

It’s kind of weird, though, because, like, it advertises rap music. And doesn’t it sort of know by now that my musical tastes run the gamut from mainstream choral music to arcane choral music?

And it stops my choral music. For RAP MUSIC ads! Crazy!!!!!!

But it reads your iTunes library. That’s pretty cool.

And if you’re willing to pay most of your allowance (five dollars a month), you can listen on your computer.

And if you’re even more willing to pay even more of your allowance (ten dollars a month), you can listen on your smart phone if you have those kinds of parents who get you that kind of thing.

But I still miss LaLa. From when I was like 7 and 8. The social networking on there was cooler. It helped me figure out good music from my friends better than Spotify. But Spotify does that, too, I guess. Through Facebook. Just not as easily. You have to go to Facebook to see what your friends are listening to. And it’s not easy to find.

And Spotify is in the end better for some people. Because you can listen to music over and over and not just once.

But the constant rap and pop commercials ruin it for me. The people on those things just sound so scuzzy. It’s distracting.

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