BJU Press CHART Webinar on a Christian Worldview of Literature

by Nov 11, 2011Books, Culture


Yesterday I gave a live BJU Press webinar from my home office to some of the best listeners anyone could ask for. Both of them seemed, as best I could tell, engaged and interested—at least judging by the fact that they stayed till the end.

I’m told that we get a lot more views of the archived broadcast than we do of the live one, so I encourage you to take some time and check out the presentation. You’ll hear my voice and see a professionally designed set of slides.

And you’ll hear me apply to literature the Bible Integration levels used by BJU Press (click here for a series of posts I wrote on those levels). I did not come up with these, but I see them as incredibly useful.

Even if you don’t care about literature (why?!), at least come to see the levels fleshed out. The levels aren’t Scripture, but they are. They arise directly out of Scripture. I think you’ll agree if you watch.

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