Ultimate for Fans and Non-Fans

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Ultimate fans (not UFC fans—I mean frisbee): you can watch national tournament games free online here. I watched the end of a good one featuring the current superstar of ultimate Brodie Smith.

Non-ultimate fans: watch Brodie Smith below. You won’t believe your eyes.

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Big Red Machine in the Championship

Tonight, the Big Red Machine ultimate squad faces off with Team Duncan for the Greenville Summer League Ultimate championship. Come on out to Gary Pittman Park at 6:30 to watch the showdown! (Photo by Ethan Burns)


A little shout-out for my favorite sport: Ultimate was #1 on Sportscenter's top 10 plays today!  Check it out!

Ultimate Frisbee Makes the New York Times!

A truly great sport! Ultimate Frisbee Takes Off – NYTimes.com This is not from the NYTimes, but this guy whacked me in the face within one instant of this shot being taken so it's worth including in this post:

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  1. Samuel Sutter

    oh my word…. maybe if I practice a lot in the off season.