1 Marks Interview Series: Kerry McGonigal, Preaching and Teaching Preaching

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In the first installment of the 1Marks interview series, I spoke with Dr. Robert Bell about Old Testament stuff. In the second, I spoke with one of my pastors, Dr. Robert Vincent, about church and personal evangelism.

Today we’ve reached the third installment. The topic is preaching, and the interviewee is Kerry McGonigal, an elder at my church and a friend who has taught homiletics at BJU since 2003. (Right click here to download the file.) Kerry is a great communicator, even though in this recorded interview you can’t see his fingers. He’s got energy, he’s got a vision for what preaching can and should do in the lives of God’s people, and he’s formed wise strategies for teaching preaching to others. He also preached what was at the time the best chapel sermon I’d ever heard at Bob Jones (since then he has been superseded but now holds second place).

I’m very excited about his ministry teaching preaching, because I have seen in my own life the power that a faithful and careful ministry of the Word has.

Kerry and I mention a number of books in this interview, and we agree with every single word written in these books and every single thing that any of their authors have ever done or said. (Okay, maybe not quite.) Click the book to buy it at my favorite online bookstores:

Screen Shot 2011-08-05 at 8.29.17 PM.png

Screen Shot 2011-08-05 at 8.35.22 PM.png



Screen Shot 2011-08-05 at 8.40.49 PM.png












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  1. Jayson Byrd (@JaysonByrd)

    Thanks for posting this Mark, I benefited from it. By the way, evernote has a mechanism to send your tweets to your evernote account. Just look under “evernote + twitter” in the trunk.

  2. nmelt479

    I really liked how you said that modern day technology (ipad) can be used for biblical uses. I never really thought about how you can use twitter to get out your thoughts if you’re not able say it out loud.
    I definitely agree with the other students. I really didn’t like watching myself preaching because when i’m up there I thought i did really well, i watch the dvd only to see how poorly i did and how i looked. It definitely was help too. It did definitely show me what i need to work on. No matter how well i do, there is always room to improve.
    You definitely did show me, personally, how to effectively create a sermon and really helps us grasp the concept of the text and really understand it.
    Is it okey for people who have experience in preaching judge preaching? – Jesus evaluated people and judged and will judge people. So, yes, people with experience should be able to evaluate preaching. Mr. McGonigal’s central idea is having a student to go up and be able to preach what Jesus preached.

    To all those who are interested in preaching, If you really want to know how to create a sermon and be able to deliver it effectively, Come to Bob Jones University and take the course Homiletics, teacher- Mr. Kerry McGonigal.