An Insight from C.S. Lewis through Doug Wilson

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Doug Wilson:

In another of Lewis’s books, The Great Divorce, he describes heaven as a place of real solidity and real color compared to the shadowy ghost world down below. We sometimes think that when Jesus rose from the dead, He turned into a kind of ghost. After all, didn’t He walk through the walls of the upper room where the disciples were meeting? The problem is that it never occurs to us that the wall was the ghost. Jesus could walk through the wall because He is more solid and more real than the wall. (p. 167)

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A Jot of My Thoughts on My Dissertation, a Decade On

A Jot of My Thoughts on My Dissertation, a Decade On

I basically finished my dissertation a decade ago. Paul’s Positive Religious Affections. It’s available on Kindle and print-on-demand just in case anyone wants it. In it I basically argued that Paul is meant to be a model in his affections and not just in his theology...

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