I See Where They’re Going with This!

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Calvinists and Armenians

Calvinists and Armenians

Update (11/17/2020): This post is a joke. I deleted a few comments from people who didn't catch the two major misspellings—because I didn't want to embarrass them; I honestly didn't expect to "fool" people! I forgot that some people are reading this post on other...

Home Studio Tour and Videography Kit

Home Studio Tour and Videography Kit

Updated 03/03/2021 Several friends have asked, so here’s a tour of my home video studio—which I set up for the second season of the Bible Study Magazine Podcast and for my own YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/TtVBIof3Olo Updated shot of my studio (3/3/21): And this...

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  1. DCrooks

    Looks like you got the one made for half doors, though.

  2. Luke Seelenbinder

    I thought a (1) required (or, at least, implied) a (2). Guess not. 🙂

  3. Jeremiah

    Maybe this is (2):