Radio Carbon Dating vs. Radio Carbon Courtship

by Jun 29, 2010Culture

From an advice column at

I have been dating my boyfriend for about three months. We get along great and he would do anything for me. We just have one problem. He doesn’t believe in evolution and I very passionately do. We got in a discussion about it, which quickly turned into a huge fight.

The advice columnist, “the Frisky,” gave some perceptive advice. Here’s the key excerpt:

Evolution and creationism are beliefs that are at the basis for entire life philosophies, values, and behavior. They can be the lens through which people view their world, particularly if they’re very passionate about their beliefs, as you say you and your boyfriend are.

I find it very interesting that both Christians and nonChristians have come to see that the battle will not be won on evidence alone, because each side merely interprets the evidence to fit its view. In other words, they have begun to view the creation/evolution debate in presuppositionalist terms rather than evidentialist ones. So non-Christians lay bare the undeniable religious roots of creationism, thereby proving it invalid. Christians labor (so far mostly in vain) to point out that only on secular materialist presuppositions do religious roots invalidate anything.

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