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Several years ago, in something like 2005 (?), I read an article (?) by an evangelical theologian (?) who had been an egalitarian. His story was something like this:

I was an evangelical Christian egalitarian. My wife and I split our marriage in half: everything was fifty-fifty. Cooking, chores, work. But after 15 years of marriage and three kids, my wife came to me.  “Honey, you’ve got to step up and take responsibility for our family. It’s just not working. You’ve got to take charge.” This came as quite a shock, but I loved the Lord and I knew she was right. The structure of the family works when everyone is fulfilling his or her particular role, and I needed to be the head. Whatever is true of other egalitarians, my egalitarianism had been an excuse not to do the work I knew God had called me to do.

At least, I think that’s what his story was… I cannot find this article. I’ve tried and tried, looking through all my indexed and organized files.

Can anyone help me? I’m presuming this was in a complementarian publication, and I want this illustration for a high school Bible lesson on gender roles.

I think the author’s last name started with “S.”

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  1. Jeremy Patterson

    Hmm…not sure. Was this a prominent evangelical? I know Al Mohler used to be an egalitarian, though I have no idea of the circumstances in which he changed his views.



  1. Found! « βλογάπη - [...] friend sent my request for help to a friend, and the lost egalitarian/complementarian illustration has been found! (Thank you!)…