Logos 4: Well Done, Aesthetic Department!

by Nov 21, 2009Tech2 comments

I’m compelled to say it: Logos 4 is a very attractive piece of software. This wannabe graphic designer has really enjoyed the visual improvements over Logos 3.

I hope to write more as time passes about the functionality of the interface, but so far I’m impressed with that, too.

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Future.Bible Conference

Future.Bible Conference

In one week I'll be "speaking" "at" a "conference" on the future of the Bible that is all online—actually, I recorded the video today and am now uploading it. My talk was really fun to put together, and I gave it this title: "Anything Invented After You're Thirty-Five...

Review: The Innovators

Review: The Innovators

The Innovators: How a Group of Hackers, Geniuses and Geeks Created the Digital Revolution by Walter IsaacsonMy rating: 5 of 5 starsSomehow some writers of biography end up sounding trite, both in their relating of their subjects' stories and in the lessons they draw...

Ode to My iPad Pro

Ode to My iPad Pro

The subtitle for this blog used to be “Bible, Tech, Bible Tech.” I haven’t blogged about tech much in a long time. But I still love it. And it’s time for a break from heavy stuff. One particular piece of tech I love is my new-to-me 12.9-inch iPad Pro. I got it a few...

A Handy Guide to Catching Spam Comments

Look out for these things in your comment spam (some apply to email spam, too), and you're less likely to be fooled by it (click image to see full-size): I don't really mean that Australia is weird, though I may find out this summer that it is as I take my first trip...

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  1. andrew

    Dear Mark,

    do you use pc or mac? If so, do you know anything about Logos for mac? I’m having trouble, and rethinking my mac purchase.

    a) can you copy and paste using macros?
    b) can you insert your own study notes?

    These are 2 huge features for me that I’d be very sorry to lose,

    would appreciate a response if you have time,

  2. Mark L Ward Jr

    Andrew, I have an iMac and a MacBook. I run Parallels and BootCamp on them, respectively. I admit I don’t know about Logos for Mac, because I have never wanted to spend the money to find out.

    Could you be a bit more specific? Are you reconsidering your purchase of Logos for Mac, or of your Mac? I’ve hit the point recently where I’m going to have to sell my MacBook and get a PC laptop to run Logos 4 and BibleWorks. My MacBook couldn’t handle Parallels anymore, and I don’t want to spend the money for a new one… =( But I’m keeping my iMac!


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