For Truly Dedicated Readers

My blog is now available for the Kindle.

I do truly enjoy my Kindle. It has been for me a real gift from the Father of Lights.

Mark Ward

PhD in NT; theological writer for Faithlife; former high school Bible textbook author for BJU Press; husband; father; ultimate frisbee player; member of the body of Christ.


  1. Phil Gons on May 19, 2009 at 12:45 am

    No offense to you or to your faithful readers (of which I am one), but paying $1.99 per month for limited access to free content on a device that will soon join the word processor/typewriter seems to me quite ridiculous. I’m very curious to know how many people are actually paying for access to blogs on Kindle. If you are, I’d love to hear your reasons.

    • Mark L Ward Jr on May 19, 2009 at 5:02 am

      I’m not paying for anything, no. And I actually agree with you! The best reason I could imagine for someone to do such a thing would be if he or she had a long morning commute on a subway. When I had the free WSJ, NYT, New Yorker, and Lifehacker 14-day trials, I found I really liked reading the papers on the Kindle but didn’t even bother with the blog—even though I am a big fan of Lifehacker.

      I don’t have a big enough readership to expect to have any Kindle owners, much less ones who would be willing to pay for my content. I just signed up for the novelty, I confess.

      I hope the Kindle will indeed join the word processor and typewriter, replaced by a color screen that can refresh fast enough to produce animations. But there is a huge difference to my eyes; I can just sit and read rather than straining. So I hope the basic idea of a reading device with an e-Ink screen does not go away. And I can take Bock with me to church so I can snatch a few minutes of lesson prep on Luke 7 between SS and the evangelistic class I teach 45 minutes later. I find it very convenient.

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