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by Apr 20, 2009Books, ChurchLife, Culture, Piety

I read nearly everything Carl Trueman puts out; I always find his analyses helpful. And he writes very well English. And he’s a nice, uh, bloke, I happen to know from personal experience.

His recent review essay shows how easy it is to boast that we’re not “conforming to the world”—without ever considering some of our culture’s most basic influences on our worldview. I’m guilty, too. It’s extraordinarily difficult to look at your own eyes without looking through them.

Trueman’s essay, in this case, takes aim at nothing less than capitalism. He’s not opposed to it, mind you. You and I wouldn’t be reading his essay without it. But he shows how its assumptions color even the most theologically conservative among us. And if you read this blog that’s probably you. Give it a read.

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