Radio Lab: A This American Life Alternative

by Jan 26, 2009Culture, Theology

Before I got married I used to spend a bit more time listening to MP3s… There’s been a marked drop-off in my listening time. Why would I want to listen to anything other than the sweet voice of my beautiful wife?

But if she and I ever do take time to listen to MP3s on car trips or while getting ready in the morning, I keep a stock at hand.

One podcast of an NPR radio show has become a favorite of ours: Radio Lab. Hosts Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich take an entertaining, thoughtful, and knowledgeable look at various scientific issues. (Note: A few shows truly are appropriate for adults but not for kids.)


Jad and Robert

Robert, the elder of the two hosts, regularly but somewhat incompletely takes the more conservative, theistic side in a debate.

And Jad, I think, takes a real interest in sound design. The way they structure their interviews aurally is unique, beautiful, and engaging.

Listen with care because all scientific “facts”—including those I accept!—come with theories already attached.

But listen, because all truth is God’s truth and declares His glory, showing His handiwork.

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