Choral Music and Common Grace

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I’ve now persuaded even my wife to get into (she’s usually a bit skeptical of my technological forays). We’re enjoying it very much. I wrote this in my profile description for the site:

I love choral music. God created beauty, and even those who rebel against Him have been left with His image. Their ability to create incredible beauty reflects God’s own creativity. So whether Tavener, Pärt, Vaughn Williams, Hillier, Rutter, Joseph Jennings, and those fantastic King’s Singers acknowledge God’s rule through Christ or not, they bring glory to God.

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Authorized Documentary Freely Available on YouTube!

The Authorized infotainment documentary (emphasis on the -tainment, though I hope the info is good!) is now up on YouTube for free to everyone! This is kinda big! For some time it has been behind a paywall on FaithlifeTV. This project was one of the great privileges...

Review: Think Again by Stanley Fish

Think Again: Contrarian Reflections on Life, Culture, Politics, Religion, Law, and Education by Stanley FishMy rating: 5 of 5 stars I have read multiple Stanley Fish books; I read quite a number of these columns when they were originally published in the New York...

Review: Why I Preach from the Received Text

Review: Why I Preach from the Received Text

Why I Preach from the Received Text is an anthology of personal testimonies more than it is a collection of careful arguments. It is not intended to be academic, and I see nothing necessarily wrong with that. But it does make countless properly academic claims, and...

The First Thing I Ever Wrote That I Still Have

This is so random, and I don't know who would care—but I just stumbled across the very first document I saved in what ultimately became my Dropbox/Academics folder. It was an exercise I wrote for an English class in high school. I was 16 and 3 mos. What I find...

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