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To those of you who attended my annual lecture, “Don’t Bury Your Computer in the Ground,” click here for the goodies I promised.

I’ve included my entire filing system for valuable articles—minus about 99% of the files. It’s your job, should you choose to accept it, to file valuable things you read for future reference.

Here is a description of some of the key files I left for you inside the topic folders:

  • WardMarkKeyToUBS4.pdf – In Greek Info folder. Helpful, I hope.
  • WardMarkGrkPrepositionsAndUses.xls – In Greek Info folder. Make an accessible link to it.
  • WardMarkHebrewRulesAndCharts.doc – In the Hebrew Info folder. Helpful, I hope.
  • Rom 06 Breakdown.doc – A little model of what you could do for exegesis.
  • AmosParagraphDivisions.doc – Another model, this time with an OT genre.

These are all outside the Topic Folders folder, in the “root directory” of the zip file:

  • WardMarkSuggestedStarterGoogleReaderSubscriptions – You can import this into GoogleReader. Try it! These are what I might call “starter feeds.” I read a few more, but these are more than enough to get you going. Many of them don’t post frequently, so it shouldn’t be too overwhelming if you try to get through them daily.
  • 01 Illustrations.txt – Every topic folder contains a file like this. This is a model of how I fill it.

I encourage you to spend a few minutes going through the folders and seeing what goodies I left for you (you could do it quickly by searching the main folder and all subfolders for every file over the size of 1 KB). This will be worth more to you if you invest time in it. And, obviously, can’t endorse everything I left you. But I tried to leave you some interesting and helpful stuff.

May the Lord bring fruit from your work for His glory.

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