IVP Essential Reference Collection Deal—Ends Aug. 2!


I really do get good use out of the IVP Essential Reference Collection on Logos. My favorite maverick Bible software seller, Rejoice Christian Software, recently advertised the best deal I’ve ever seen on this collection.

Here are a few tips on what you’ll get:

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These dictionaries are pretty standard. You’ll see them referred to often. The NDBT is a textbook for OT Theology here at BJ Seminary. It runs $35. Might as well just get this whole collection on Logos for a few dollars more.

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I haven’t used the Background Commentaries much, but every so often a question comes up which leads me to them. Likewise the NBC: I don’t often have need for a one-volume commentary. But my family might in the future.




Not always reliable in my opinion (this is actually a compilation of the work of several authors), but still worthwhile for a summary of possible solutions to difficult passages.


C. J. Mahaney recently recommended the article on “Humor” in this volume.


Who needs better maps than Google Earth? Well, the New Bible Atlas (NBA?) has more than maps, and it has period-specific maps. (Google Earth is a lot more fun, however.)

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These little pocket dictionaries have been handy for me on many occasions. Not sure what “Heilsgeschichte” is? Wondering if it has to do with the history of Jack Hyles? This is your place.

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