Emergency Files Needed! Frame’s Doctrine of the Christian Life!

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Did you know that at least up until recently, you could download all of John Frame’s new The Doctrine of the Christian Life for free? Each of the chapters was a separate pdf.

I have all of the chapters but 20, 22, and 29—for some reason they didn’t download. Do any of you readers have them? I can’t find them now that the book is out!

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I’m hoping to find some good help for my dissertation in this book. The secular “deontological” perspective of Kant and others is a major source for the error I’m seeking to combat, and Frame covers it well.

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  1. dtjohnso

    If you were talking about downloading them from here, then you are correct, they’re gone. All versions of the chapters (HTML, DOC, & PDF) throw 404 not found errors, which is understandable.

    Looks like you’ll just have to get the book, or recommend it for purchase at the Library if we don’t have it.

    Wikipedia implies that portions of the book are available here, but it isn’t really clear what is from the book and what isn’t.

  2. Michael

    Hi Mark,
    Could you please email those pdf’s of frame’s doctrine of the Christian life to me? I have a severe disability & can only read on my Kindle but they don’t have a Kindle version of this book…
    Would really appreciate it if you could

  3. Jimmy

    please , please… if you could …. please email me those pdfs… i would like to read thebook … pls

    • Mark Ward

      Note for future users: I don’t send out electronic files to anyone who doesn’t already own the book.


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