The Lexham Syntactic Greek New Testament

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I have some portions of the Lexham Syntactic Greek New Testament in the version of Logos Scholar’s Gold I purchased two years ago. I confess that I have not found a pressing need for the Lexham SGNT, though I would like to!

Recently two people asked me what I thought of it, and I have to admit that use of the LSGNT is one of those things I’ve tabled till need drives me. I believe I’m aware of what it does, and when that killer question comes up which only the LSGNT can help me answer, I’ll use it—even buy the rest of it if I need to!

For those who feel they need real information, however, I’ve collected a few links I harvested from Google Reader and have been intending to go through myself:

For those who have Lexham already, I can offer a few searches friends (namely Phil Gons and Andy Naselli) saved and sent to me: (Andy gave his permission and I’ll assume Phil’s since he will want to promote the resource.)

UPDATE: Phil Gons sent me an e-mail clarifying that four of my links were to the Lexham Discourse (not Syntax) Greek New Testament. I apologize for the error. Here are those links:

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  1. Phil Gons

    Be careful not to confuse the Lexham Syntactic Greek New Testament with the Lexham Discourse Greek New Testament. They are two different products. The former is part of Gold; the latter is on Pre-Pub and should be shipping any day now. The first four blog posts you mention relate to the Lexham Discourse Greek New Testament (and its English counterpart, the High Definition New Testament).


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