My Wedding

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My boss’s son, a graphic design grad from BJU, took our wedding photos, and we are thrilled with them. Here are a few. What a joyful day, what a grace of God!

Wdg pics-Jesse 127.jpgWdg pics-Jesse 49.jpg

Wdg pics-Jesse 46.jpg Wdg pics-Jesse 121.jpgWdg pics-Jesse 96.jpgWdg pics-Jesse 72.jpgWdg pics-Jesse 11.jpgWdg pics-Jesse 180.jpg Wdg pics-Jesse 14.jpgWdg pics-Jesse 192.jpgWdg pics-Jesse 295.jpgWdg pics-Jesse 348.jpgWdg pics-Jesse 367.jpg

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  1. battlesman

    Looooove the pictures. Very well done. I especially like the one with Laura and the bridesmaids; they glow! And the guys don’t look too bad either 🙂


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