Visit to BJU Seminary Conference

Mark Ward,Jr. talks about the Logos software. Photo by Dan Calnon 2016.
Mark L. Ward, Jr. talks about Logos Bible Software at the BJU Seminary Conference. Photo by Dan Calnon 2016.

It was great to spend 24 hours in Greenville last week to help some users of Logos Bible Software with some training. If you were among the very small number of people who were disappointed not to get to see me, just know that I made plans with only two people: my sister and my best friend. I was so glad to see so many others at least briefly, however.

My team at Faithlife provides free training in the use of Logos Bible Software. If you need a speaker/trainer at your event, talk to me.

My New Job

My view of the Skagit Valley out the bus window every morning that it is not raining
My view of the Skagit Valley out the bus window every morning that it is not raining

My new job has mostly jelled: I am paid to put more words on the Internet. I write three to four pieces of content for Faithlife each week and provide sundry other consulting services inside and (a tiny bit, so far) outside the company as a part of a team called the “Logos Pros.” The Pros have academic training and ministry experience, so we know what our customers need. We serve the mission of Faithlife, which in turn is to serve the church by helping Bible students grow in the light of God’s Word. Not so incidentally, the best way to learn Logos is through the training videos done by my very knowledgeable teammates.

And, yes, I get to wear shorts to work on warm days.
Thankful for my standing desk and my own MacBook Pro. This Bible software nerd is all set to serve.

If you want to keep up with what I’m writing, you can log in to your account and click this mailing lists link. I am responsible for the following lists, and you can check of the boxes to receive them:

  • Bible Study (every week)
  • Logos Pro (every week)
  • Greek (almost every week)
  • Hebrew (I post only once a month here; others write the rest of the posts)

However, pretty much all of my emails are excerpts with a “Read More” link at the end. The Read More link will direct you to one of two places, the Logos Talk Blog or the Logos Academic Blog.

If you want to subscribe to just my posts in a feed reader, I have set up one feed for each blog I write for:

If you don’t care by what method you get notified of my new posts, then sign up for my email lists instead of using a feed aggregator. Your engagement—your clicks and shares—help me help the church in a small way. I have very much enjoyed the engagement with readers I’ve had so far; love for them is a daily reality that drives my writing. Faithlife is paying me not just to sell—though I’m happy to do that, because I believe in and use the product—but to serve.

Dear Mom(s),

Dear Mom, and Dear Mother-in-Law,

Thank you for continuing to check my blog for new posts. Maybe some day you will be rewarded, and maybe some day my readership will expand beyond you two, giving me greater motivation to write. I have begun writing already at my new job. Here’s my first big post. Many more to follow. I’m even gonna be on “TV” at Faithlife Today.

In any case, I really like my new workplace and my family loves our new digs in the stunningly beautiful Pacific Northwest. We hope to close on a house halfway between work and church at the end of the month (don’t worry, we got them way down from their asking price). Aden is starting school now, Merrill is playing on the playground behind our house, and Ellery is growing new teeth. Laura is happily shopping for furniture on Craigslist to replace things our dear, generous friends sold for us in SC when we found they didn’t fit on the moving truck! We miss friends and family in SC, but we are enjoying our new adventure. Until the rainy season comes. Then we will probably come back. We’ll see.

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Mark Jr.

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