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by Mar 27, 2019Bible Software

I put in three talk proposals for the Bible Tech Conference, thinking that they’d accept one. They accepted all three. So I’ve been busy using precious free time (and, okay, a little work time around the edges!) in the last few months preparing those talks, and I hope you’ll come.

  • Visualizing Textual Critical Data for English-Speaking Laypersons: Lessons from I will officially launch the complete version of this site at this conference, along with a projected accompanying article at a big blog—I’m excited!
  • A Media Ecology of Bible Software. This has been the focus of my prep time, because I’ve been wanting to dig into this for a while, and BibleTech is the place to do it. I’m going to talk not only about what Bible software gives us—we all know that, and marketing departments everywhere are highly focused on communicating those benefits over and over; I’m also going to talk about what Bible software takes away from us. How do I, an employee of Faithlife, plan to do that? Treading carefully, I can tell you. And I’ll give a spoiler: in the end my point will be not that we should take a step back from Bible software (I won’t, and can’t) but that we should both design and use it with an awareness of what possibilities it precludes.
  • Tagging Meaning, Not Just Form. Logos does this so well, and yet it’s a bit hard to explain until you use it. I’ll talk about present realities and (hopefully) future possibilities in this space.

Before I came to Faithlife as an employee, before I even knew that was a possibility, I was asked to give my Why Bible Typography Matters lecture there in 2015. It really was great. I made one lasting friendship and several other professional connections. Come to the beautiful Cedarbrook lodge, and get ready for extreme Bible nerdiness.

Use the code FAITH and you’ll get a little discount, I’m told.

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